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Every year the NBA 2K series brings something new to the table with its incredible on-court experience and great MyCareer mode. However, NBA 2K21 had made an incredible entry to the 2k series by bringing many features, modes, better footwork, player spacing systems, and improved graphics.

As the excitement piles up, NBA 2K22 is building more and more exhilaration because the potential release date is expected to be in 2021. Since there are no official whereabouts of NBA 2K22 has been revealed yet, but if you consider the last release date, it is expected to land out in late September 2021. It gives players enough time to explore and end season 7: full throttle super pack features in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K22


The NBA or national basketball association is among the four prominent professional sports leagues, where 29 teams from the United States and one from Canada participate to win the title of world basketball champions. NBA was founded back in 1946 as the BAA or basketball association of America.

However, this name was changed later to the National basketball association, when it was merged with the national basketball league. You should know that the NBA runs their season from October to April, allowing each to play 82 games. Being an active member of USA Basketball, the NBA is widely recognized by the national governing body for basketball, FIBA.


2K is the most famous American video game publisher founded by take-two interactive, introducing the thrill of playing sports virtually. With enhanced graphics and visuals, it provides an incredible gaming experience to players around the world. And if you look at the list of their products ranging from borderlands series to NBA 2k series to X-COM series, every game is state-of-art that delivers a unique gaming experience.

  • NBA2K

NBA 2k is a simulation video games series of basketball sports developed by the sabre interactive and visual concepts. Earlier, Sega sports published new seasons of the NBA 2k series, but later 2k sports took over and had been publishing the new season since 2004. You should know that visual concepts are developing all games available in the franchise. The entire series of NBA 2k contains eighteen main instalments along with several cross-over titles.


NBA 2K is going to drop their latest iteration of the entire series later this year. Based on the last release date, NBA 2K22 is determined to be released in late September 2021. Players should know that 2k is always keen to bring something new to the table to make the game more thrilling and exciting.

With improved visuals and footwork, it is assured that NBA 2K22 will embark on its presence. NBA 2k has already declared that only VC and MyTeam points will be transferred to nextgen, meaning your progress in MyPlayer will remain inside the 2k21. So, let’s discuss the different modes that will be available in NBA 2K22.


Since there is no whereabouts of NBA 2K22, players are tasked to follow a storyline in the MyCAREER mode where they have to improve their basketball draft performance to be selected in the NBA. Once you are selected in the NBA, you can play NBA Games and improve your career by becoming a household inside the NBA community.

Players should know that MyCAREER is where they can earn all their badges. After you have achieved badges of higher levels, it’s time for you to visit the beach and embark on your legacy inside the 2k community.


In this mode, you can build your own player and improve its performance by using the skills charts. The pie charts will provide ratings associated with your player’s performance. You should know that ratings are most important if you want to become the best in your neighbourhood. For instance, if you are shooting three-pointers from a 55 player’s rating, you miss every chance to take a consistent basket. But if you have a player over 83 ratings, you are more likely to shoot consistently.


MyGM and MyLeague are specially created for basketball enthusiasts who want complete control over the basketball team and their day-to-day operations. If you are thrilled by creating your own team from scratch by drafting a superstar, completing trades, or signing a big contract with free agency, these two game modes are especially for you.

However, both modes are slightly different from one another, as in MyLeague, and you have complete control over the NBA franchise who is ready to become the champion of this sports world. While MyGM has some cut scenes and resembles more like MyCareer mode that features a real storyline.

Based on past events, visual concepts are more likely to introduce enhanced graphics, better footsteps, and more realistic appealing content in NBA 2K22. If you want to move swiftly in the gameplay, you have to build your unparalleled team by completing some specific challenges offered inside the gameplay.

Every year, the gameplay becomes more visually appealing and delivers a smooth gaming experience to its users. Since the neighbourhood featured inside the NBA 2K21 received plenty of appreciation, that means 2k can upgrade or widen the scope of the neighbourhood in NBA 2K22, where players can embark on their legacy and earn badges throughout their journey.


MyTEAM is an incredible team game mode that enables users to build an undefeatable squad of highly ranked players, including current and former. Player cards used for building your legendary team in MyTEAM mode are usually earned through various challenges, tournaments, leagues, and packs.

So players should expect this trend to keep up in the new season of NBA 2k. However, Visual concepts have featured many unique seasons in NBA 2K21, which means 2k can bring back some of the seasons once again in NBA 2K22. Players should know that the MyTEAM features various modes, but there is no official news about which game modes will be featured in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM mode. However, several modes are most likely to return in NBA 2K22.

  • Challenges
  • Triple threat
  • Domination
  • MyTEAM limited
  • Triple threat online
  • MyTEAM unlimited 2.0

These are the top six game modes with the highest expectancy to return in NBA 2K22, but players should know that there might be something more because earlier in NBA 2K21, they introduced a new lineup in the MyTEAM community.

Moreover, 2k needs to focus on the link between MyPlayer and MyTeam because it allows you to bring your trained players into the ultimate Team mode, gaining more experience to improve the overall progress of your ultimate team.


MyTEAM is the most valued mode of the NBA 2k series, where players have the flexibility of building an excellent team of superstars. But to do that, players need MT points for purchasing their favourite NBA all-star in the auction house. MT points are an essential in-game currency that can be used for building your team in MyTEAM mode.

As discussed above, MyTEAM features various games, challenges, objectives, etc., that you can complete earning more MT points and other rewards. Since auction houses only trade in MT points, it means you have to stack up enough MT points to build your dream team and progress throughout your journey of becoming the basketball champion.

You can use several ways to get more NBA 2K22 MT points for free, but you should know that it includes a great deal of time investment, and you have to be patient while gaining those MT points. If you want an instant boost in your MT points, you can buy it from a reliable source that could provide you with 100% safe and secure MT points at the most competitive rates. However, it will take some time to do proper research, but it will be worth it.


NBA 2K22 Locker codes are those free codes that you can use to unlock various rewards inside the MyTeam community of NBA 2K. You should know that 2K sports release New Locker Codes every week to keep the game interesting. Players can apply these codes inside the MyTeam section and open the settings.

On the extreme right-hand side, you will find an option of locker codes. The locker codes are released by the 2K sports frequently, and if you want your codes to be successfully applied, you must ensure to include any hyphens available in the code. For many years, locker codes have been an integral part of the NBA 2K series team.

Since new locker codes are dropped every week, players can snag some freebies into the MyTeam community and build their incredible team. In NBA 2K22, you can punch in newly dropped Locker Codes to claim those rewards for MyTeam.


NBA 2K22 is supposed to be released later this year, giving you enough time to earn more MT points and VC transferable to nextgen. So, if you want to ace the challenges in NBA 2K22, you should keep hustling and improving your performance every day.

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